Moving political cartoons… more to come! 



I’m teaming up with actor, Dennis Hurley, and writer, Sara Farrington, to make some sweet, sweet videos. Here’s our test: 

On November 12th, I decided to take up the art of political cartooning once again – an area I haven’t worked in since I drew for my college’s humor magazine back in 2004. It’s been a necessary outlet. 

I love Mucha and I love my sister. She loves brewing beer, so, for Christmas this year, I made her beer labels in the style of Alphonse Mucha! 

This one was done exclusively in Photoshop. 



I have a very talented Shaman/herbalist friend who inspired this little watercolor and ink sketch.


img_1675When I was in 5th grade we grew a butterfly garden in my Principal’s backyard. When choosing what to grow, we had study plants and do scientific drawings. I picked the nasturtium and since that first exposure, have been in love with them.

I have once again found myself in the position where I have tons of work and none of it has been posted (note the passive voice there?). Without further ado, enjoy FUZZY MONSTERS!

I made these little guys in a fun app called Paper. It has some unique tools that I most enjoyed using to create hair, of all things. There’s something wonderfully meditative about drawing a thousand hairs one by one, particularly when you get these little spirit monsters out of it.

I just wrapped up work on my Intro to Traditional Animation class! After 30 or so hours of hard work, enjoy these 17 seconds!


Here are a few images from the illustrated book “The Kiss” in the works from Robot & Toaster Co.! It tells the story of an orphaned girl who learns her own strength, the power of stories and what a difference a kiss can make.

I wrote this comic, Unzip, for the 24 Hour Comics Day when I was living in France. Our task was to arrive, in my case at a little school South of Cherbourg, and in a 24 hour time period, draw a 24 page comic book. It was a great experience. I learned a great deal about how quickly I can draw if I must and how much is possible in a short period of time. It was a tough marathon, but one I’d be happy to do again here in the states.


Again, in the interest of preservation, here is an old silent comic I wrote: a sort of coming-of-age vignette. It’s unfinished, but was the central focus of my artistic endeavors immediately after graduating from college.